Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My stamps from vacation in Croatia

I've been this summer on vacation in Croatia, in island Hvar, in historical city Stari Grad. I've bought all stamps I've found in local post office! :)

Croatian Undersea World II, issued on 15.06.2015.
Pets (from set of four), issued on 21.02.2012.
Mercedes-Benz, issued on 02.02.2016.
Croatian Ethnographic Heritage, issued on 03.09.2008.
Greetings to the Sun (from set of two), issued on 01.06.2016.
The 90th Anniversary of Croatian Radio and the 60th Anniversary of Croatian Television , issued on 26.04.2016.
800th Anniversary of the Dominican Order, issued on 24.05.2016.
The 25th Anniversary of The Croatian State, issued on 23.06.2016.

Children's World - Pets, issued on 22.02.2016.
Art (from set of three), issued on 01.12.2015.
Domestic Animals - Dogs, issued on 21.02.2013.
Faros Marathon, issued on 05.11.2013.
Famous Croats XV (from set of four), issued on 20.04.2016.
Croatian Intangible Cultural Heritage (from set of four), issued on 27.07.2015.
Flora - Orchids (from set of three), issued on 11.04.2014.
Croatian Ethnographic Heritage (from set of four), issued on 15.03.2010.
Croatian Ethnographic Heritage (from set of four) issued on 20.10.2014.
150th Anniversary of the Battle of Vis (joint issue with Slovenia), issued on 18.07.2016.
Croatian Inventions, issued on 27.04.2016.

Europa 2016 - Think Green, issued on 09.05.2016.
Croatian Flora, issued on 21.03.2016.Offset Printing with the addition of fragrance!

 I have also collected Croatian coins

Back side is much better

One of Croatian banknotes

And one beer coaster :)

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