Friday, January 11, 2019

Cover from Tunisia

I received cover from Tunisia with new stamp dedicated to Habib Bourguiba, Tunisian lawyer, nationalist leader and statesman who served as the country's leader from independence in 1956 to 1987. He first served as the second Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Tunisia before proclaiming the Tunisian Republic in 1957 and thus becoming the first President of Tunisia. Prior to that, he played a major role in obtaining independence from France, ending the 75 years old protectorate and earning the title of "Supreme Combatant". Stamp is issued on 31.7.2018. Second stamp is dedicated to The 56th Anniversary of the National Army, and is issued on 24.6.2012.

Inside cover was this beautiful postcard with local arts and crafts.

Thank you Mohamed!

Postcard from Vulcan, Canada

This is another postcard from Vulcan, Canada. Vulcan is a town in the prairies of southern Alberta, Canada, within Vulcan County. It is located on Highway 23, midway between the cities of Calgary and Lethbridge. The population of the town was 1,836 in 2011. Now known as the "Official Star Trek Capital of Canada," Vulcan has a Tourism building made to look like a landed space station, a statue of the Original Series Enterprise, and other Star Trek themed attractions, as well and postcards, as you can see here.

 Famous nice cancellation with Spock and 3 beautiful Star Trek stamps.

Thank you Trevor!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles, with cancellation from Moonbeam, Ontario

"The Trouble with Tribbles" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. In the episode, the starship Enterprise arrives at Deep Space Station K7 to guard a consignment of grain bound for Sherman's Planet. On arrival, a trader named Cyrano Jones gives Lt. Uhura a tribble, a small, furry alien lifeform, with dramatic consequences.

This is trailer for this famous comedic episode

This postcard is sent with awesome cancellation from Moonbeam, Ontario. The name "Moonbeam" is attributed to early pioneers who allegedly witnessed flashing lights falling from the sky, which they called "moonbeams". These lights fell down or reflected in a creek that flows west from Strickland to Rémi Lake and was called Moonbeam Creek. These lights could have been Northern Lights that often appear with the moon light.

Another suggestion is that the name came from the passengers on the Transcontinental Railway, who would be traveling for many miles through dark forests and when they came to the natural clearing near Moonbeam would be struck by the brilliance of the moon-lit snow. Nevertheless, there is no documented proof of the exact source of this name.

Thank you Trevor!

Star Trek: Enterprise, with cancellation from Vulcan, Canada

I received another Star Trek postcard from Vulcan, Canada. This one is dedicated to Star Trek: Enterprise, the sixth series in the Star Trek franchise. It served as a prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series. Set in the 22nd century a hundred years before the events of The Original Series, and just prior to the formation of the United Federation of Planets, the series follows the adventures of the Enterprise, Earth's first starship capable of traveling at warp five.

Another beautiful cancellation from Vulcan on prepaid card issued by Canada Post.

Thank you so much Trevor!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Heat sensitive Climate Change minisheet on cover from Finland

The three stamps in the climate change stamp sheet depict the dramatic effects of climate change that are expected in the near future if we allow the climate to continue getting warmer at the current rate. The particular focus of the stamps is the effect of climate change on Finnish weather conditions, nature and society. The stamps, which are designed by Timo Berry, are made with heat-pressed ink that will change color when touched with a finger. By touching the stamp with your finger, you can see what we can expect in Finland if the constant warming of the climate is not brought under control.

Here you can see how this minisheet looks like when you little bit warm it up. Minisheet is issued on 12.9.2018.

Thank you Kimmo!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Inter-Korean Summit on FDC from South Korea

From September 18 to 20, South Korean President Moon Jae-in visited North Korea and held approximately five hours of meetings with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. During the summit, their third since April 2018, the two leaders issued a Pyongyang Joint Declaration pledging denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, improvements in inter-Korean relations, and confidence-building measures to ease military tension. Kim promised to visit Seoul "at an early date." This FDC is issued to commemorate this meeting, on 12.9.2018.

Thank you Park Choonjong!

Flags of the World Series: Christmas Island

The Territory of Christmas Island is an Australian external territory comprising the island of the same name. Christmas Island is located in the Indian Ocean, around 350 kilometers south of Java and Sumatra and around 1,550 kilometers north-west of the closest point on the Australian mainland. It has an area of 135 square kilometers. Christmas Island had a population of 1,843 residents as of 2016. The main settlement is Flying Fish Cove. The first European to sight the island was Richard Rowe of the Thomas in 1615. The island was later named on Christmas Day 1643 by Captain William Mynors, but only settled in the late 19th century. Its geographic isolation and history of minimal human disturbance has led to a high level of endemism among its flora and fauna, which is of interest to scientists and naturalists. The majority (63%) of the island is included in the Christmas Island National Park, which features several areas of primary monsoonal forest.

Two fantastic stamps on postcard: Christmas Boobook and Brown Goshawk, from set Bird Paintings by John Gerrard Keulemans, issued on 28.8.2018.

Thank you Megan!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Flags of the World Series: French Southern and Antarctic Lands - Kerguelen

The French Southern and Antarctic Lands (French: Terres australes et antarctiques françaises, TAAF) is an overseas territory of France. The territory has no permanent civilian population. Those resident consist of visiting military personnel, officials, scientific researchers and support staff. This postcard arrived from The Kerguelen Islands, also known as the Desolation Islands, a group of islands in the Antarctic constituting one of the two exposed parts of the Kerguelen Plateau, a large igneous province mostly submerged by the southern Indian Ocean.

Two nice postmarks and two beautiful stamps from minisheet Tuna Fishing, issued on 2.1.2017.

Thank you Catherine!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Flags of the World Series: Kiribati

Kiribati is a sovereign state in Micronesia in the central Pacific Ocean. The state comprises 32 atolls and reef islands and one raised coral island, Banaba. They have a total land area of 800 square kilometers and are dispersed over 3.5 million square kilometers. Their spread straddles both the equator and the 180th meridian, although the International Date Line goes round Kiribati and swings far to the east, almost reaching the 150°W meridian. This brings the Line Islands into the same day as the Kiribati Islands. Kiribati's easternmost islands, the southern Line Islands, south of Hawaii, have the most advanced time on Earth: UTC+14 hours.

Three fantastic stamps on postcard:
First one is from set Ships and Boats, issued on 5.10.2013.
Red Phalarope (from set International Stamp Exhibition SINGAPORE 2015), issued on 17.7.2015.
Greater Crested Tern (from set Birds), issued on 9.2.2008.

Thank you Denise!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Historic Postal Vehicles on cover from Austria

The design for this year’s issue from the “Historical postal vehicles” series, which has now been running for five years, shows a passenger mail coach at the top of the pass on the Tauern mountain road. In addition to the mail, the four-horse-drawn coach is also carrying passengers and their luggage, which is strapped to the roof. The coach appears to be traveling at high speed; the road looks to be exceptionally firm and well-used. The coachman, hidden beneath the protruding roof at the front of the carriage is barely visible.24.08.2018

Thank you Wolfgang!