Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Serbia: European nature protection 2015

 Release date is 20.05.2015.

35 dinar stamp shows Mokra Gora and Šargan Eight Railway.

Mokra Gora, meaning the Wet Mountain in English, is a village in Serbia on the northern slopes of mountain Zlatibor. Emphasis on historical reconstruction has made it into a popular tourist center with unique attractions.

Mokra Gora has become popular after a reconstruction of a narrow gauge railway called Šargan Eight which is unique in the world. Its route viewed from the sky, looks like the number 8.

70 dinar stamps shows Goč.

Goč is a mountainous area in central Serbia, about 15 km south of the spa town of Vrnjačka Banja. Its highest peak Ljukten has an elevation of 1,216 m above sea level.

Goč is a popular hiking and mountaneering destination and the village Goč is a small ski resort. The skiing area is equipped with a single-seater ski lift and the longest slope is 1,500 m long and 40 m wide.

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