Friday, September 2, 2016

Postcard from Greece

I have received nice multiview postcard from Greece. That will be my next summer holiday destination.
An important percentage of Greece's national income comes from tourism. Tourism funds 16% of the gross domestic products which also includes the Tourism Council and the London-Based World Travel.

The most visited region of Greece was that of Central Macedonia, with 18% of the country's total tourist flow (amounting to 3.6 million tourists), followed by Attica with 2.6 million and the Peloponnese with 1.8 million. Northern Greece is the country's most-visited geographical region, with 6.5 million tourists, while Central Greece is second with 6.3 million.

Greece has attracted 26 million visitors in 2015 and is projected to attract 28 million visitors in 2016.

This stamp is from set Tourism diving; Ship-wreck, Byzantine period, Rhodos, issued on 20.07.2015.
I have received earlier one stamp from this very nice set.

Thank you Lana!

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