Saturday, December 22, 2018

Greece: Cover from Sárti

Sárti (Greek: Σάρτη) is a village in the Sinthonia municipality on the Sithonia peninsula, Greece. When I and Nina was there, we took opportunity to send postcards and covers to our friends, and also this one cover to ourselves, cause we don't had any from Greece. Greek post don't have real post offices in such small places. Instead, they have postman in some small room or desk at some store, where he comes in particular time of day, only few hours per day. You can't choose stamps. They usually have only one stamp for postcard, this boat stamp in upper right side (from set Tourism, issued on 8.8.2014.), they don't expect covers to be sent. So, when we sent covers, we payed 90 cents, boat stamp  is worth 80 cents, and postman first deliver mail to real post office, when he affix additional postage. And that's how we get this two stamps (on left side) from set The 175th Anniversary of the National Bank of Greece, issued on 30.3.2016.

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