Friday, September 25, 2015

Germany: Asterix stamps

What a awesome mini sheet!

This great mini sheet is issued on 2015-09-01
Design: Thomas Steinacker   Perforation: 13¾

I have also received this nice viewcard od Salzburg (Austria)

Very nice stamps on envelope:

Max and Moritz, issued on 2015-04-02
125th anniversary of the 1st Bavarian Costumes Association, issued on 2015-06-11
1200 years Diocese Hildesheim, issued on 2015-03-02
100 year First World War - No more War, ever, issued on 2014-08-07
Battle of the Nations Monument, issued on 2013-10-10
2015 The 1000th Anniversary of the City of Leipzig, issued on 2015-07-01

Thank You very much Dustin!

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