Monday, September 21, 2015

Taiwan: The Dome of Light at Formosa Boulevard Station

This station is currently the largest round-shaped station in the world. The “Dome of Light” is featured on the upper part of the station, is known as the biggest public art installation all over the world. The author Narcissus Quagliata puts together the dome in a little less than four years, which including shipping art pieces of colored glass directly from Germany. The amazing art piece spans a 30-meter diameter, as visitors walk around, views of story of human life, transitioning from the section that represents water, the womb of life, to earth, which embodies the act of growing and prospering are to be seen. There are also sections on light and fire, the latter representing on the one hand destruction and on the latter rebirth. The main message that pervades the dome, however, is one of love and tolerance.

Stamp is Tabebuia chrysantha, issued on 2009-03-12

Thank You Sharon!

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