Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fantastic cover from Costa Rica

I have received fantastic big cover from Costa Rica, with a lot of postcards, 3 mini sheets, 3 banknotes and one coin, map of Costa Rica, key chain and coaster! And it's very hard to tell what is my favorite from all this amazing stuff! Let's start with stamps.

This mini sheet is Art of Costa Rica, issued on 03.07.2008. On this stamps you can see art of Rudy Espinoza, Crisanto Badillo, Miguel Hernandez and Lola Fernandez.

Seconds mini sheet is Archaeological Sites, issued on 23.06.2016. This mini sheet is unique because statue on left side have rough surface, it feels like stone under your fingers!

Third mini sheet is National Park Marino Las Baulas, issued on 24.08.2016. Turtles (Dermachelys coriacea) on this mini sheet are embossed! You can see embossing on the back side on picture below.

This is fantastic set of 21 postcards with flora, fauna and nature of Costa Rica.

This is another set of postcard - Birds of Costa Rica

There is also a map of Costa Rica

Banknotes are 5 colones (24.01.1990), 50 colones (07.07.1993), and 100 colones (28.09.1993.)

This is backside of banknotes, and smallest banknote is beautiful!

Front and backside of 100 colones coin from year 2014.

Front and backside of beautiful leather key chain. On front side is Costa Rican volcano Arenal, and on backside are birds of Costa Rica and national motto Pura Vida - Pure Life.

And for the end, one nice coaster!

All that is received in this registered cover

Thank you very much Randall!

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