Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Greece: Archaeological stamp pack

I received this Archaeological stamp pack from Greece. It contains Greek stamps from various era, all dedicated to archaeology and sculptures in Greece.

Gods against the Giants, issued on 26.06.1972.
New Acropolis Museum, The Parthenon Gallery, issued on 21.06.2010.
Hercules and the golden apples of Hesperide, issued on 16.03.1970.
The 100th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Between Greece & Japan, issued on 28.06.1999.
Homer's Epics - The Wooden Horse, issued on 19.12.1983.
Sculpture of Dionysos, issued on 15.03.1984.
Alexander at Achilles' tomb, issued on 23.07.1977.
Athenian Cultural Heritage, issued on 03.11.2010.
Goddess Athena defeating Alkyoneys, Pergamos, issued on 27.04.1968.
Hercules and the bull of Crete, issued on 16.03.1970.
Greek Sculptors- John Cossos (1822-1875), issued on 28.02.1967.
Return of the Dedokanes Islands to Greece, issued on 10.04.1951.
Health - European Gastroenterology Week, issued on 22.05.1992.
Mythological Figures - Iris, issued in year 1911.
Ancient Greek Art - Urn bearers, issued on 03.01.1959.

Thank you Lana!

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