Sunday, April 28, 2019

French Southern and Antarctic Lands: Cover from Crozet Islands

The Crozet Islands are a sub-antarctic archipelago of small islands in the southern Indian Ocean. They form one of the five administrative districts of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands. It consists of several small uninhabited islands of volcanic origin. Discovered by Captain Nicolas-Thomas Marion-Dufresne in 1772, the islands cover an area of 505 square km. Rising to 2,000 m on the Île de la Possession, they are rugged, with steep cliffs, and have been the scene of many shipwrecks. They have been designated a national conservation area.

Stamps on cover:
First 3 stamps are from set Penguins, issued on 7.6.2018.
Bigger, round stamp is Crozet Island Spider, issued on 2.1.2018.

There is also on back special cancellation and signature of post master!

Thank you so much Erik!

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