Sunday, October 7, 2018

Stamps from Azores

I received wonderful cover from Azores with one mini sheet and four stamp sets. Cover was sent from Angra do Heroismo, and on this beautiful mini sheet you can see old map of Angra do Heroismo, and this historic city center is today UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mini sheet was issued on 4.6.2001.

All this 3 stamp sets are dedicated to transportation:
Inter-island Transport, issued on 15.11.1991.
Means of transportation, issued on 7.11.1986.
Transport of the Azores - Ships, issued on 7.10.1992.

This stamps set is also dedicated to UNESCO World Heritage - Angra do Heroismo, and is released on 4.6.2001.

Inside cover were also two postcards. This one shows Praia da Vitória (translated as the Beach of the Victory), the second largest administrative authority on the island of Terceira.

And this postcard shows fumaroles on Terceira Island, one of the larger islands of the archipelago, which capitol city is  Angra do Heroísmo.

Stamps on cover:
Café Athanásio, historic café from Azores, issued on 27.10.2016.
Azores Handicraft (ceramics), issued on 8.5.2015.
Traditional Portuguese Festivals, issued on 21.2.2011.

Thank you Maria!

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