Monday, October 5, 2015

Two maxicards and FDC from Finland

I have received two beautiful maxicards and fdc in a envelope.

First maxicard is 3D postcard! Stamp is 100 Years Organized Philately in Finland, Burnet Rose (Rosa pimpinellifolia), issued on 1993-05-06.

Second maxicard is viewcard of Helsinki with stamp Red Cross charity, Boar (Sus scrofa domestica), issued on 1998-03-12

This FDC is Nature Protection, with stamps Eurasian Lynx, Lapland Tundra, Baltic Sea Coast, Ringed Seal. This is joint issue  with Russia. Issued on 1995-03-01.

Stamp on envelope is Postcrossing (one of four) , issued on 2013-09-09

Thank You very much Pirkko!

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