Saturday, August 26, 2017

Bantustan Ciskei: Trout Hatcheries

Ciskei was a nominally independent state – a Bantustan – in the south east of South Africa. It covered an area of 7,700 square kilometers, almost entirely surrounded by what was then the Cape Province, and possessed a small coastline along the shore of the Indian Ocean. Under South Africa's policy of apartheid, land was set aside for black peoples in self-governing territories. Ciskei was designated as one of two homelands or "Bantustans" for Xhosa-speaking people.

I received this mixed Ciskei cover from South Africa. You can't use Ciskei stamps for international mail, but they can be used together with South African stamps.

Stamps on cover:
Trout Hatcheries (complete set), issued on 08.06.1989.
South Africa:
Half-collared Kingfisher (from set Kingfishers of South Africa), issued on 31.08.2016.
Masakhane Campaign, issued on 16.09.1995.

I also received one beautiful mini-sheet inside cover: Halley's Comet, issued on 20.03.1986.

Thank you very much Willy!

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