Sunday, August 27, 2017

Republic of Transkei

Republic of Transkei was a Bantustan—an area set aside for members of a specific ethnicity—and nominal parliamentary democracy in the southeastern region of South Africa. Transkei represented a significant precedent and historic turning point in South Africa's policy of apartheid and "separate development"; it was the first of four territories to be declared independent of South Africa. Throughout its existence, it remained an internationally unrecognised, diplomatically isolated, politically unstable de facto one-party state, which at one point broke relations with South Africa, the only country that acknowledged it as a legal entity. In 1994, it was reintegrated into its larger neighbour and became part of the Eastern Cape province.

I received this mixed Transkei cover from South Africa. You can't use Transkei stamps for international mail, but they can be used together with South African stamps.

Stamps on cover:
Famous People of Medicine (complete set), issued on 05.10.1982.
South Africa:
National Stamp Day - Cape of Good Hope Postal Stones  (from set of five), issued on 09.05.1992.
Wildlife - The Big 5, (from set of five), issued on 25.04.2001.

I also received two mint sets of stamps: Xhosa Women's Headdresses , issued on 28.09.191, and Transkei Post Offices, issued on 11.05.1984.

Thank you very much Willy!

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