Monday, November 26, 2018

Fantastic registered cover from Canada

I received once more nice registered big cover from Canada, this time bigger than my scanner. Cover was full of beautiful mint Canadian stamps, but there's also a lot of nice stamps on cover:

Pisew Falls Provincial Park (from set From Far And Wide), issued on 15.1.2018.
Wapiti (from set Young Wildlife), issued on 31.3.2014.
Complete minisheet Great Canadian Illustrators, issued on 5.4.2018.
Naats'ihch'oh National Park Reserve (from set From Far And Wide), issued on 15.1.2018.
Ice Hockey - Memorial Cup, issued on 18.5.2018.
Bees, issued on 1.5.2018.
The 65th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, issued on 20.4.2018.
Weather Wonders (four from set of five), issued on 26.7.2018.
Astronomy - Milky Way and Northern Lights (whole set), issued on 29.6.2018.
The 100th Anniversary of the RMS Empress of Ireland , issued on 29.5.2014.
And the last one in extraordinary Canadian flag stamp made from fabric - The 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Flag, issued on 15.2.2015.

My friend sent me inside lot of wonderful Canadian stamps, and i received once again one of the Star Trek minisheets. I have this stamps in self-adhesive variant, but this sheet have classic gum. It's part of the set issued on 5.5.2016. There's a fluorescent frame on each stamp.

Another wonderful minisheet, dedicated to my favorite sport - The 50th Anniversary of F1 in Canada, issued on 16.5.2017. This stamps also have fluorescent frame.

This is minisheet The 100th Anniversary of Montreal Canadiens, issued on 17.10.2009. Using an action-oriented printing process called Motionstamp technology, the three stamps on the souvenir sheet feature replays of the historic 500th goals of Maurice Richard, Jean Béliveau, and Guy Lafleur, while playing for the Canadiens.

Because you can't see motion on this sheet when is scanned, i found this nice GIF to show you how this look like.

Scary and beautiful sharks are on this sheet issued on 13.7.2018. Beautiful design by Andrew Perro.

This circular miniature sheet of 8 stamps is Chinatown Gates, issued on 1.5.2013. It shows Chinatown gates in Canadian cities, and sheet is in shape of traditional Chinese coin.

A nice flower minisheet with daisies, issued on 1.3.2017. Nice design by Debbie Adams.

And another minisheet with flowers, this time with two lotus flowers, Nelumbo nucifera and Nelumbo lutea, issued on 1.3.2018.

And for the end this fantastic minisheet, first from series three-part series Haunted Canada!     Alberta’s Ghost Bride, Saskatchewan’s St. Louis Ghost Train, Ontario’s Fort George, Quebec’s Château Frontenac and PEI’s Northumberland Strait beautifully painted in this gummed minisheet printed in offset lithography and with foil treatment for a special ghostly effect! This was issued on 16.6.2014.

Thank you so much, Trevor!

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