Saturday, November 18, 2017

Austria: The Willendorf Venus 3D stamp and Edelweiss

The Willendorf Venus is Austria´s most famous and valuable find from the later Palaeolithic age. When i was in Vienna i saw this ancient figure in Naturhistorisches Museum Wien (Natural History Museum). Later i try to find this stamp in Philatelic center, but they didn't have it. But i got help from my friend Lars Brehm from Germany. He sent me this stamp and one embroidered flower stamp. Because is very hard to scan properly this kind of material, i found this nice gif image to show you 3D effect.

The Venus sculpture was created before 25,000 years. It was found in Willendorf in the Wachau on 7 August 1908. The figure is 11 cm high, made of fine limestone and has survived almost undamaged.  Stamp is issued 350.000 copies on 08.08.2008.

Other stamp he sent me embroidered stamp with flower Edelweiss, issued on 19.07.2005.

Thank you very much Lars!

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