Thursday, October 19, 2017

Art Award cover from Finland and stamps from Åland Islands

I received a cover from Finland with whole stamp set Art Award, issued on 06.09.2017.

Posti’s first art award was handed over to sculptor Jasmin Anoschkin in March. In addition to EUR 10,000 of prize money, the award includes the publishing of stamps based on the artist’s works.
Three playful works were selected for the stamp series: ceramic kissing lips, a koala and a giraffe, and a reindeer made of wood. The sheet was designed by Paula Salviander and consists of 15 domestic no-value indicator stamps.

 Inside cover was 3 mini sheets from Åland Islands. First mini sheet is Nordic Mythology - Letesgubbar, issued on 29.03.2006. Second is also Nordic Mythology, but this time Drottningkleven, issued on 27.03.2008. Third mini sheet is Millennium - Peace Symbol, issued on 03.01.2000.

What a fantastic piece of art! So simple, but beautiful!

Thank you Kimmo!


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