Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Colombia: Santa Rosa de Viterbo - Boyaca

Santa Rosa de Viterbo is a town and municipality in Boyacá Department, Colombia, part of the Tundama Province, a subregion of Boyacá. Santa Rosa de Viterbo was founded by the Spanish in 1689. In the year 1810, a meteorite fell in Santa Rosa, and it was discovered by a farmer of the town. The mayor decided to place it in the middle of the town, in front of the church. A hundred years later, the president Rafael Reyes decided to take it to Bogotá. There it was divided in two big parts; one of the parts stayed in Bogotá, and the other is actually in a museum in Chicago.

A lot of nice stamps on postcard:

The 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with Korea, issued on 01.05.2012.
The 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Julio Flórez Roa, issued on 26.05.2017.
Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer (from set Fauna - Endangered Species), issued on 14.07.2015.
Bangsia de Tatama (from set The 50th Anniversary of the Department of Risaralda), issued on 07.04.2017.
Frog Allobates juanii (from set Fauna - Endangered Species), issued on 14.07.2015.

Thank you Hernan!

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