Sunday, July 28, 2019

Europa CEPT 2019 National Birds on cover from Czech Republic

Česká pošta issued one stamp for Europa CEPT 2019 National Birds theme on 24.4.2019. Česká pošta selected a combined view of a winter landscape with two common kingfishers. The kingfishers are brightly coloured birds with a turquoise blue head and wings and a rusty brown belly, a brown-and-white stripe stretching from the long dark bill to the back of the head, and white feathers marking right below the bill. The kingfishers weigh approximately 40 g and measure 15 to 17 cm. The wingspan is approximately 25 cm. The kingfishers are found not only in Europe but also in South Asia and North Africa. They also live on the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Thank you, Michaela!

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