Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Cook Islands: Pukapuka Atoll

Pukapuka (formerly Danger Island!) is a coral atoll in the northern group of the Cook Islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is one of most remote islands of the Cook Islands, situated about 1,140 kilometres northwest of Rarotonga. On this small island, an ancient culture and distinct language has been maintained over many centuries. The traditional name for the atoll is Te Ulu-o-Te-Watu (The head of the stone), and the northern islet where the people normally reside is affectionately known as Wale (Home). The name Pukapuka is also ancient and referred originally to the people.

Stamp on postcard is from set International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, issued on 14.7.2017.

Thank you very much Wolfgang for my first postcard from Cook Islands!

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