Tuesday, May 21, 2019

World Stamp Exhibition THAILAND 2018 - Tourist Destinations

The World Stamp Exhibition in Thailand 2018 was  one of the world'€™s highest-profile philatelic event,  with approximately 2,500 frames of exhibits from all FIP member countries, the total value worth over 4,000 Million Baht (100 Million Euros). There's a three different postmarks on cover, and it's interesting to see year 2561. Thailand use the Thai solar calendar, based on the Gregorian calendar. Four upper stamps on cover are part of set Tourist Destinations,  issued specially for this exhibition on 28.11.2018 (2561!). There's also two definitive stamps: King Rama X, issued on 28.7.2018, and Thai Sala, issued on 15.1.2018.

Thank you very much, Siti!

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