Friday, May 3, 2019

Registered jumbo cover from Canada

I received another big Canadian cover with a lot of Canadian stamps, both old and new.
There's also some interesting stamps on cover:

Christmas, issued on 23.10.2014.
Star Trek 50th Anniversary Year 2, issued on 24.7.2017.
Pogonia ophioglossoides - Rose Pogonia, issued on 11.1.2010.
Christmas (whole set), issued on 2.11.2015.
World War I - The 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge - Joint Issue with France, issued on 8.4.2017.
Year of the Rabbit, issued on 7.1.2011.
Year of the Dragon, issued on 10.1.2012.
Canadian Photography, issued on 13.4.2016.

 Beautiful old Canadian stamps, mostly from 1935 to 1967.

Joint issued with India!

And best for the end, Star Trek 50th Anniversary prestige booklet!

Thank you so much, Trevor, you rock!

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