Friday, August 10, 2018

Cover from South Africa and various African stamps

I received another fine cover from South Africa, with mint stamps from South African  Bantustans Venda and Transkei, and my first stamps from Rhodesia (today Zimbabwe) and South West Africa (today Namibia)! Stamp on this cover is Merops apiaster, from set Bee-eaters, issued on 18.5.2017.

Venda: Musical Instruments, issued on 13.11.1981.

 The 10th Anniversary of Airline "Transkei Airways", issued on 5.2.1987.

Transkei Beadwork, issued on 22.5.1987.

The 10th Anniversary of Independence issued on 26.10.1986.

Rhodesia: The 75th Anniversary of Powered Flight, issued on 18.10.1978. 

South West Africa: The 75th Anniversary of Aviation in South West Africa, issued on 18.5.1989.

Here is also this date stamps card, with stamp from set The 30th Anniversary of Republic. Scientific and Technological Achievements, issued on 31.5.1991. Card is cancelled on 11.9.1991. in Botshabelo Museum.

Thank you Willy!

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