Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Sbiba Festival on cover from Algeria

The inhabitants of the town of  Djanet, in the state of Illizi (Algerian south), celebrate the Sbiba that took place in the Doghia Square.It is an annual festival originating in the ancient history of the war waged by the two main Tuareg tribes of Tassili N'adjjers and the Pact of Peace which they will sign after years of confrontation. This festival is held since the first day of the year of the Hegira (Moharrem) until the day of the Ashura, on the initiative of the Office of the Tassili National Park (OPNT) and the town of Djanet (the capital of Tassili). All the inhabitants are dressed in their finest traditional costumes with colorful colors. This two beautiful stamps are issued on 27.9.2018. Additional stamp is  High Commission for Amazigh, issued on 27.5.2014.

Thank you Hocine!

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