Thursday, February 14, 2019

Taiwan: Juguang Tower in Kinmen

Juguang Tower was completed in 1953, originally built to commemorate the battles of Guningtou and the 823 Artillery War (aka Second Taiwan Strait Crisis), two battles in which the KMT forces held back the Communists from invasion. It was built in Nanjing style, the original capital of the ROC. The tower is three stories high with galleries and historic exhibits throughout its halls. Now the tower also has many exhibitions featuring the local art and culture of the Kinmen people.  Often it is the first stop for tourists visiting Kinmen.

Nice red postmark and 3 wonderful stamps on postcard:
Fruit definitives: Annona × atemoya and Litchi, issued on 28.1.2016.
Non-denominated Postage Stamp, issued on 1.8.2017.

Thank you Li Ming!

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